Fight for the Bight

#UniteTheBight campaign

Alongside The Wilderness Society, SeaShepherd, and our local communities, we are working together to raise our voice against big oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight.

The Unite the Bight roadshow is formed to raise awareness and bring communities together across South Australia, to protect our coastline from the risks of an oil spill. 

The ocean here is a special one. Its home to many iconic, threatened and protected marine species, with 85% of these found nowhere else in the world. Including one of the worlds most important Southern Right Whale nurseries.

Along with providing a place for us all to enjoy, the ocean also supports wild fisheries and aquaculture industries worth around $440 million per year, and regional tourism industries which is everyday growing, worth around $1.2 billion per year.

BPs Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Gulf Of Mexico is sadly a comparison to what is predicted here in South Australia, only due to our shallow gulf waters, giant upwelling events, and heavy duty weather patterns, its predicted to be much worse.

Since 2011, the Federal Government started releasing new, offshore oil and petroleum exploration licences in the Commonwealth waters of the Great Australian Bight. The proposed drilling areas are far rougher, deeper and riskier than elsewhere in the world, and an oil spill would devastate our marine life, fisheries and coastal communities- irreversibly damaging it.

Of the 7 licences handed out, BP and Chevron have withdrawn.

Despite these withdrawals and the increasingly clear risks, other big international oil companies such as Statoil continue to plan for drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

 Their oil spill modelling has so far concluded it could take months to get the infrastructure here to even start the clean, by which time, it would be way too late. Predicted oil spills from an uncontained blow out will reach all of South Australias coastline, into Victoria, Tasmania, and South Western Australia.

We need your help to stand up for our Great Australian Bight, please see below events, to show your support for this cause, and use the hashtag #UniteTheBight and #UniteToProtectTheBight when posting on social media. 

Our oceans need our help. 


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