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Sahira Bell 

 Marine Biologist / PHD Candidate

Sahira Bell, is an inspiring Marine Biologist from Western Australia, with an impressive resume. Working with the University of Western Australia as a Research Assistant for the past year, and has began her PhD in Marine Biology. The thesis is going to focus on phase shifts and tropicalisation of temperate reefs, and is going to be based all up and down the West and South Australian coasts.

In 2011 Western Australia experienced a severe marine heatwave which saw water temperatures sky rocket down the coast. Not only was this immediately devastating (in terms of it just being too hot for temperate organisms), but the warm waters also brought tropical fish, coral and invertebrate larvae south with it.

Now we’re seeing this tropical larvae grow up and surviving in temperate (cool) environments where they’re not normally found. We don’t know exactly what this means for our temperate reefs, but that’s what I plan to find out! We are excited to have Sahira onboard our team here at Balu Blue. 


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