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Marine Debris Campaign


CLEAR TIDES is a campaign to help join the fight against marine debris in our oceans.

Six million tonnes of rubbish every year makes its way into our worlds oceans.

To put this in perspective, this is three times as much rubbish dumped into the sea, of the weight of fish caught annually around the world.

Although awareness is growing surrounding the devastating impacts on marine debris, so much action is still needed, as it is affecting our oceans wildlife everyday.

In Australia alone, 77 marine species have been proven to be impacted by marine life, many of this simply by rubbish floating around. Some of the species included in this long list are endangered such as the Australian Sea Lion, Humpback Whale, Blue Whale, and more commonly all species of turtles and sea birds.

Unfortunately for many of these cases, entanglement is fatal, the plastics and ropes used in products created by humans cannot stretch, and as the animals grow or move, they cause painful amputations, strangulations, infections and death.

The tiniest pieces of plastic and debris are often the most dangerous, animals such as sea birds and fish consume these pieces as they look like food, in the sea birds case, these are more often than not passed on to a hungry chick, which cannot digest plastic, causing death.

Plastic bags are a direct resemblance to a jellyfish, a turtles favourite food, this results in pain, blocking of the digestive system, internal injuries and suppression of the immune and reproductive system.

Plastics that are discarded into the oceans, can take hundreds of years to break down into finer plastic powder, but will always remain. Cigarette buts, although small, and seriously unsightly, can take up to 10 years, plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to break down at all, monofilament fishing line up to 600 years. This means that the debris floating around and slowly breaking down is killing marine wildlife generation after generation.

Beginning on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, we aim to educate the public, through a beach clean up, marine debris art competition, educational talks and social media awareness on how we can help to reduce marine debris in our oceans.

We will be sharing our knowledge on sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives that are available which are not single use.

If you are interested in hosting a #ClearTides Beach Clean Up event in your state, contact us at

 Below are some images from our events, in Australia, and Africa.


A group shot from Zavora Beach, Mozambique, where we collected over 2000 pieces of rubbish , in collaboration with Marine Action Research .

A group shot from Zavora Beach, Mozambique, where we collected over 2000 pieces of rubbish , in collaboration with Marine Action Research .