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Education promotes awareness, awareness inspires change.

We are a volunteer-run charity dedicated to enhancing the natural world, and its wildlife.

Your donations are what keeps us moving forward for the better of the planet.

Your donations help us to develop initiatives, campaigns, and events in order to protect the environment and its wildlife, and to assist in wildlife rescue.  



We currently are raising money to finish the fencing and shelters of our sanctuary " Two Songs Sanctuary " down in Port Lincoln, South Australia. 

This forever home, provides sanctuary and comfort to orphaned and injured native wildlife which cannot be re-released. 

Your support allows us to create projects like which help our environment, wildlife and to connect people and enhance partnerships around the world.

We run conservation projects both locally, and spread awareness internationally.

Your donation will help to support our current campaigns, plan further projects, and makes a world of difference.  


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Please direct all PayPal donations to balubluefoundation@gmail.com


Members are our support network, they help us to create and sustain our campaigns, to fight for wildlife in need, a planet that is green, and a future with clean oceans. 

We want to grow our community, have your say on key issues, and to keep you updated on what work we are doing.


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