About Balu Blue Foundation 


Balu Blue Foundation was founded in 2016, with a vision to be a part of the environmental awareness movement, and to inspire others to live with light footprint on this planet, to learn about and respect wildlife, both within Australia and internationally.

Brinkley Davies, a long time wildlife and nature advocate, with a background of BSc Marine Biology, Dive Master, Coxswain and a resume of volunteer work around the world in likewise fields, with a goal of connecting with people around the world, sharing their passions for the ocean, the natural environment and preserving the wild planet that we live on.  


Why the name Balu Blue ? 


"Balu"  represents the loving memory of beloved pet dog Balu

" Blue " represents our planet,  made up of 71 percent water, the term Blue represents everything as whole, land and sea. 

In loving memory of Balu, chasing sandflies, swimming in the sea, watching dolphins and watching over us. 

Balu was named after "Baloo" the gentle and caring bear in the movie "The Jungle Book"

Balu inspired many to be patient, caring and to appreciate the environment around us, as well as having a love for all living things, especially the ocean. 

Balu sadly passed away in 2016 at the young age of 1 year, from consuming 1080 poison, on land nearby to farmland in South Australia, which was absolutely devastating. 

1080 is a toxic and awful poison that is still used to this day for the control of "pest species" and to protect livestock, it is an incredibly toxic, and excruciating death to creatures it is consumed by. Unfortunately there is no anti-dote to 1080, and nothing could be done on a veterinary level, many people lose beloved dogs, horses, and other pets across Australia and New Zealand as a result of this toxic poison. We hope to educate many people on toxic chemicals such as 1080, which are used on animals,  and how you can encourage the use of more humane alternatives. 




Balu Blue Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation with a purpose of education, research and conservation, for protection and enhancement of the natural environment.

Our mission is to create awareness and inspire protection of the natural environment and its wildlife, through­ experience and education, while also contributing to existing projects with parallel purposes.

Our mission involves scope of primary research on wildlife species, rescue of native wildlife, and restoration of destroyed habitats. We aim to share educational material to assist in the preservation of these crucial habitats.

Balu Blue Foundation aims to educate and inspire sustainable and ethical living, that minimises our harm to the oceans, animals, and our planet as a whole.